Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!


Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!

The Role Models

Image of Role Model Lidia Panio
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model: Lidia Panio

Lidia grew up surrounded by tech, was 19 years old when she dissected her first banking software and later on decided to devote herself solely to interface design – and she has some great tips to share… Read More

Role Model Valentina Contini; gray background; portrait photo
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model: Valentina Contini

Fueled by curiosity and set on learning new things every day, Valentina had a very interesting journey into tech. She had to learn early on that there is a difference between great ideas and the actual readiness of some technologies to truly change the world… Read More

Role Model Tanja Koch
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model: Tanja Koch

Tanja is co-founder and CCO at AMPLO, a start-up that helps companies automate their whole diagnostics process using machine learning. Among other things, Tanja moves… well, the e-mobility industry… Read More

Role Model Inge Kormelink
Géraldine Lüdi

Role Model: Inge Kormelink

Inge Kormelink started her professional education at the University of Applied Sciences by obtaining my BBA in Economics; specialising in International Marketing, and graduating cum laude. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she learned early on how to navigate challenges… Read More

Role Model Sabine Do-Thuong; square picture 1200x800px
Angela Lötscher

Role Model: Sabine Do-Thuong

Sabine studied Computer Science at ETH, set up a subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh, implemented the basis for a mobile payment ecosystem with her team and now works at the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems… Read More

Role Model Sophia Ding
Janine Fuchs

Role Model: Sophia Ding

Sophia quickly realized that academia was not for her as she likes to see the immediate impact of their work – ideally quickly. She is a Trustworthy AI strategist, intrapreneur* and social innovator by passion… Read More

Role Model Isabella Gyr smiling at the camera in front of a gold-black background (square picture)
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model: Isabella Gyr

Meet Isabella, your not-so-average shaper in innovation and facilitation who has found solutions for turning employees into innovators, wearable payment solutions and is currently seeking a mandate as Innovation Board Member… Read More

Role Model Arzu Coltekin
Janine Fuchs

Role Model: Arzu Çöltekin

Arzu has always been fascinated with what’s behind the stuff we take for granted and her wondering ultimately brought her to the tech topic. Enjoy this very open interview where she talks about her geek moments and wonders if “information obesity” is a thing… Read More

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Angela Lötscher

Silencing the
Inner Critic

It is that persistent voice whispering, “You’re a fraud,” and casting a shadow over their accomplishments. Read how to break free from your impostor syndrome… Read More

Featured image of blogpost "Being Safe Online as LGBTQ+"
Angela Lötscher

Being Safe Online as LGBTQ+

Get our tips to be safe online, even if you are straight. Do not know what difference in dangers there is if you are LGBTQ+ or straight? Even more reason to read it… Read More

Featured image; dark patterns; cybersecurity, privacy topic; UX design
Angela Lötscher

Tricked by Dark Patterns?

Amazingly – or rather scarily – even some respectable and legitimate companies apply Dark Patterns to get you to do things or share information you do not want to. Are you being tricked? Find out…… Read More



From Our Events

The Lifecycle of Innovation event by We Shape Tech showing people sitting in the arena and listening to the panel.
Janine Fuchs

The Lifecycle of Innovation

Today we had the great pleasure to host our community event “The Lifecycle of Innovation” in the premises of the startup Avrios… Read More

Future Trends of Urban Mobility 1_Header
Janine Fuchs

Future Trends of Urban Mobility

We had the great pleasure to host the event ‘Future Trends of Urban Mobility’. We’re still delighted thinking back on the insightful talks and different perspectives discussed … Read More



From Our Newsletter

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

cover of podcast series Darknet Diaries


Deviant Ollam is a physical penetration specialist who has been involved in lock-picking, safe manipulation, physical entry, physical bypass, etc. – all in the name of physical (tech) safety… Read More

the wisdom of games podcast episode with oliver roeder

The Wisdom of Games

There’s a point in our lives when we’re told it’s time to grow up and stop playing games. But what if that advice is wrong and games are one of the best opportunity to learn about our world and even ourselves? … Read More

Image of Ardan Labs Podcast

Advancing Your Career

Sonja Price is a career strategist, salary advisor, leadership coach, and the founder of Dynamo Careers. Get tips on negotiating, how to ask for a raise, and how to get to where you want to go in your career… Read More

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