Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!


Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!

The Role Models

Role Model Nicole Kleger on light blurred background wearing a pastel green jacked and white turtleneck pullover
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model:
Nicole Kleger

Through innovation and determination, Nicole champions a world where technology not only advances careers but propels a global shift towards ethical and efficient food production… Read More

Role Model Sheerah Kim
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model:
Sheerah Kim

As a gamer, Sheerah naturally gravitated towards tech. She went from corporate to startup to seek more entrepreneurial experiences and is convinced that the application of new technologies is subject to basic ethical principles… Read More

Role Model Katrin Yuan
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model:
Katrin J. Yuan

Katrin is Chair of the AI Future Council at Swiss Future Institute, a Board Member for AI and IT initiatives and aims to pave the way for more women on boards… Read More

Role Model Ire Aderinokun sitting on a chair
Janine Fuchs

Role Model: Ire Aderinokun

Ire Aderinokun is an independent User Interface Engineer from Nigeria. She is an invited Google Expert specialising in Web Technologies, a co-founder of Helicarrier (YC S18), building cryptocurrency infrastructure for Africa and working on several projects… Read More

Role Model Detty Berta smiling at camera
Angela Lötscher

Role Model:
Detty Berta

Detty’s journey led her from medicine to combining pharmaceutical science with tech, pharma leadership to Chief Strategy Officer, and finally to founding her own specialty consultancy company. She openly shares her experiences and insights as a successful professional, leader and transgender woman… Read More

Role Model Eva Selamlar
Sabrina Schenardi

Role Model:
Eva Selamlar

Eva Selamlar-Leuthold is committed to innovation and has headed the Head Financial Innovation Desk at the Swiss Confederation since September. When it comes to promoting women, she started at a young age… Read More

Role Model Theresa Pham
Tanja Koch

Role Model:
Theresa Pham

Born in Northern Germany and raised in a Vietnamese family, Theresa Pham embarked on a diverse journey across Europe. From Unilever internship to entrepreneur, she shares insights on personal experiences, tech, routines and her role models… Read More

Role Model Maja Stamenkovic
Tanja Koch

Role Model:
Maja Stamenkovic

Maja holds a Master’s in Computer Science, has a passion for solving problems, and is an IT consultant in Zurich. She advocates for women in tech, promoting bravery and seeking supportive role models… Read More

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Featured image of WE SHAPE TECH's Diversity Advent calendar 2023
Angela Lötscher

Diversity Advent Calendar 2023

We proudly present our Diversity Advent Calendar 2023 with awesome tips around diversity and inclusion. Get ready to add an equality spirit to the holidays and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness… Read More

Wooden staircase; wall; vintage; featured image ladder-kicker; knowledge article
Angela Lötscher

Thriving in the Face of Ladder-Kickers

Let’s look into an unpleasant aspect of the professional journey: thriving despite the presence of ladder-kickers. We have 10 tips that will help you to overcome obstacles and carve our own way… Read More

featured image of article "The Rise of the Rapunzulas" about emowering women and helping others climb the ladder. blue background. blond hair and hands climing up
Angela Lötscher

The Rise of the Rapunzulas

Rapunzulas are women who have climbed the ladder of success and, instead of kicking it away, actively create pathways for others to follow. Learn how to be one yourself… Read More


Old white glass medicine containers on the shelf
Detty Berta

I Got Misgendered

In the quaint depths of a Zurich pharmacy, and on a mission to acquire treasure, misgendering struck. Unprepared and vulnerable, each thoughtless act tried to diminish my confidence… Read More

digital butterfly piccture to illustrate "butterfly metaphor"
Angela Lötscher

The Butterfly Metaphor

How does successful change happen? Is it with a strong push from outside? We think not. And what’s a butterfly got to do with it?… Read More

Angela Lötscher

Commemorating Famous Women

So far, numerous streets are dedicated to famous men, not many to women. But this is about to change. And of course we looked into Women in Tech that deserve “their own street”… Read More


Visual of collaboration of WE SHAPE TECH and Bring Women Back to Work program by Salesforce
Angela Lötscher

WST Collaborates to Bring Women Back to Work

WST is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Salesforce’s program “Bring Women Back to Work”, aimed at up- and re-skilling women after maternity leave and to augment their chances to get a part-time job in tech… Read More

Rainbow colored background with the words "I do! Who are we to decide who gets to marry"; equal rights; Swiss vote; Switzerland votes on gay marriage;
Catherine Ebneter

I Do! Marriage for All

If there has ever been an important vote underlining equality and diversity, this is it! Learn why you should vote on 26 September 2021 and ask yourself: Who are we to decide who gets to marry?… Read More

Angela Lötscher

Time’s up for the Equal Pay Analysis

“By July 2020: Ensure equal pay within the company.” At the end of June 2021 time’s up for companies to do an internal analysis of how equal the pay between genders really is. Buckle up, this is going to be interesting… … Read More

From Our Events

Janine Fuchs

A Sizzling Summer Get-Together

Under the evening sun at Sphères in Zurich West, a relaxed get-together brought together over 40 individuals, eager to form meaningful connections and celebrate diversity… Read More

Fireside Chat with Janina Kugel
Angela Lötscher

Fireside Chat with Janina Kugel

Janina Kugel – exceptional leader who leads with passion, courage and optimism – left us with great insights, food for thought and even more positive feelings of hope and happiness… Read More

We Shape Tech Role Model Event 2021 Panel of Learn from Leaders at the Top
Catherine Ebneter

Role Model Event December 2021

It is proven that seeing female role models heavily impacts career decisions of other women. That is why we host our “Role Models Events” with women who made it to the top and shared their stories. One thing we may say: all of them are successful in their field and all of their careers look different… Read More

Event ad cover of Lunch & Learn Webinar on Corona Tracing Apps by Ivette Djonova
Melanie Gabriel

Lunch & Learn Take Aways: Corona Tracing Apps

Before our summer break, we had the great pleasure to hear insights about the Corona Tracing app from Ivette Djonova, project manager at Economiesuisse responsible for consumer politics and data privacy topics… Read More



From Our Newsletter

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Cover of podcast "360 Global Talent" podcast with Sahar Gasgari-Luu

Work culture

Complex business environments, incl. hybrid and flexible working options embrace new solutions to win the right talent, retain employees and foster team connections… Read More

Featured impage of podcast series "The Future of Everything" for reccommended episode "Building the Metaverse and the Future of the Internet"

Going Electric?

Sustainability in electricity is a more topical issue than ever. Do you want to go electric? Then maybe we need to dig a little deeper…… Read More

Thoughtworks Tech Podcast; podcast tip

AI-Assisted Coding

Thoughtworks’ Technology Podcast explores the real-world impact of generative AI in software development. Hosts Prem Chandrasekaran and Neal Ford, alongside Chief of AI Mike Mason and Global Lead Birgitta Böckeler, dissect its current applications, effectiveness, and influence on developer practices. Dive into the nuanced reality of AI’s role in shaping workflows… Read More

cover image of podcast Shift

Measuring AI’s Transparency

Stanford University measured the transparency of top AI foundation models–all failed… and when transparency goes down, bad things can happen… Read More

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