Book; Work with me; Barbara Annis and John Gray; mock-up
Work with Me

Discover the eight blind spots between men and women in business, and learn how to bridge these gaps for a more collaborative and productive workplace… Read More

cover image of podcast HBR IdeaCast
Treat Email Like Laundry

Manage your emails like laundry: regularly and systematically. Learn practical strategies to reduce email overload and boost productivity in this HBR podcast episode… Read More

WST Book Tip "Burn Book" by Kara Swisher
Burn Book: A Tech Love Story

Swisher’s Burn Book chronicles Silicon Valley’s rise, exposing both innovation and chaos. Through insider stories, she urges tech to harness its power responsibly. A love story to tech from its sharpest critic… Read More

cover of podcast series Darknet Diaries

Rachel is a social engineer. In this episode we hear how she got started doing this and a few stories of how she hacked people and places using her voice and charm… Read More

WST Book tip; Cult of the dead cows; Joseph Menn
Cult of the Dead Cow

Get insights into the origins if the oldest and most influential hacker group in the world, their activities, the personalities behind it, and how they used their skills not just for hacking but also for promoting internet freedom, privacy, and security… Read More

featured image "5 Questions to Society"
5 Questions to Society

Pride Month is a powerful reminder of the work still ahead in creating an inclusive society. In this opinion piece, an LGBTQIA+ advocate challenges us to move beyond mere acceptance towards a wholehearted embracement of diversity… Read More

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HSLU is looking for a "Python for Data Scientists" Lecturer

HSLU is looking for a "Big Data Tools" Lecturer

Crack the Confidence Gap | 28 June 2017

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