Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!


Welcome to our blog where we share valuable know-how from events, insights from role models and much more!

The Role Models

Role Model Portrait photo of Carla Bünger
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Carla Bünger

Carla accepted an advisor role in late 2016 at Lykke Corp, the first Swiss exchange platform to trade crypto assets. Subsequently, she took the lead in the Initial Token Offering of Smart Containers Group, a project that has earned respect in the blockchain industry and is viewed as benchmark STO in Switzerland… Read More

Role Model Portrait photo of Jutta Langel
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Jutta Langel

Jutta is an IT architect focused on data and analytics. She believes in a digitalization equally shaped by women and men.… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling Lisa-Ann Preuss
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Lisa-Ann Preuss

Lisa-Ann Preuss is the founder of LA Preuss Consulting, an online marketing agency that helps SME integrate themselves into the digital age… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling Verena Oberholzer
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Verena Oberholzer

Verena Oberholzer lately co-founded in Zurich to foster inclusion and diversity in teams and companies. The years ahead she worked in consulting and NGO`s. She majored in sociology/gender studies in Berlin & Paris. Verena was born in Munich, lived several years abroad. Today she lives with her family in Zurich.… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling Bettina Rotzetter of role model
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Bettina Rotzetter

Bettina Rotzetter has been working in IT for twenty years mostly in the health sector, currently as an IT Compliance expert and has recently started a new adventure as founder of a tech-startup… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling of role model Angie Born
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Angie Born

Angie studied Interaction Design at the Hyperwerk FHNW, got a MBA in Australia and really gets a kick out of making things easier. Meet a true UX expert… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling Caitlin Krause of role model
Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Caitlin Krause

Caitlin Krause is a globally-recognized learning expert, author, and keynote speaker. As founder of the MindWise consultancy, co-founder of the Center of Wise Leadership, and a virtual reality specialist, Caitlin contributes to building products and experiences that promote humanity, innovation and emotional intelligence. … Read More

Janine Fuchs

Role Model:
Nicole Grau

Nicole is an Application Manager for public services and is currently responsible for an application for about 400’000 users… Read More

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Angela Lötscher

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There is no doubt: The climate crisis is not a far distant danger for the planet. It is affecting all of us already today. That’s why we need a new form of innovation
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Melanie Gabriel

Take Aways: The Trap of Gendered Design and How to Overcome It

There are 4 traps that are easy to get caught in at any stage of your product development process. They can result in design fails that in some cases even can be fatal. However, we can overcome these traps by using the principles of User Centered Design and having the right focus.… Read More



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Data-Powered Diversity

Stephanie talks about her experiences as a black woman in tech, the importance of expanding our social graphs to solve diversity challenges, and why she has largely abandoned the pursuit of traditional venture capital… Read More

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Joyful Learning (Podcast)

Melanie Kovacs recently launched her podcast series on “Joyful Learning”. In this episode she chats with Janine, Board Member of We Shape Tech, about learning in a community… Read More

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What crazy times we are currently living in! While digitalization seems to get a boost like never before (yay!), we also spend all our time at home (for those who can) where it sometimes might seem difficult to get new inspiration.… Read More

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