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The Rise of the Rapunzulas

The Rise of the Rapunzulas

In a world where career success is often seen as an individual pursuit, the rise of Rapunzulas brings a refreshing wave of empowerment and support. Learn how you can be a Rapunzula and find your way around ladder-kickers.

Rapunzula = a woman who has achieved success in her career and actively supports and empowers other women to succeed as well.
Ladder-Kicker = a woman who has attained success but chooses not to help or support other women in their career advancement.

Rapunzulas, inspired by the fairy tale character who let down her long hair for others to climb, are women who have climbed the ladder of success and, instead of kicking it away, actively create pathways for others to follow. They understand the value of lifting others up and recognize that true success is not achieved in isolation but rather with the help of others. In this article, we explore the significance of Rapunzulas, their impact on fostering gender equality in the workplace, and how anyone can embrace the qualities of a Rapunzula to become a catalyst for more diversity and inclusion.

And at the end of this article, you  will find a teaser to one that tells you how to work your way around ladder-kickers. Just in case 😉.

The Importance of Being a Rapunzula

In a world where individual success often takes precedence, the emergence of Rapunzulas brings a much-needed paradigm shift. These trailblazing women not only climb the ladder of success themselves but extend a helping hand to others on their ascent.

Being a Rapunzula holds immense importance, as it embodies the principles of support, empowerment, and breaking down barriers – and to get the collective effect in a too-busy world has never been harder. Embracing the Rapunzula mindset has a transformative impact on others as well as on yourself. Fostering a culture of inclusivity, gender equality, and professional advancement will lift you up, too. Being a Rapunzula is not just admirable, but essential for creating lasting change in the professional world. And you know the challenges you faced, the struggles you had. Does everyone really have to go through them by themselves? No, in the collective effort is where change starts gaining traction and maybe, just maybe, one day it will not be a struggle or challenge anymore.

One of the most vital reasons for embracing the Rapunzula role remains that being part of the change is imperative. A Rapunzula understands that true progress towards gender equality and empowering women requires active participation. It is not enough to passively observe the challenges faced by women in their professional journeys; one must step forward and be an active agent of change. By taking on the Rapunzula role, individuals actively contribute to dismantling barriers, challenging systemic biases, and fostering an environment where all women can thrive (or any minority, for that matter). This proactive engagement is the foundation for creating a more equitable and inclusive landscape, and it starts with being an advocate for change.

17 Ways to Create Paths for Others

Be a Mentor or Sponsor

Offer mentorship to aspiring individuals, providing guidance and support throughout their career journey. Sponsor promising talent by actively advocating for their career advancement. Recommending them for opportunities, and helping them navigate organizational hierarchies.

Share Knowledge

Share your experiences, insights, and lessons learned to help others navigate challenges and make informed decisions. Sharing truly is caring 😉.

Advocate for Recognition

Use your influence to advocate for the recognition and promotion of talented individuals, especially minorities, within your organization or industry.

Encourage Risk-Taking

Inspire others to step out of their comfort zones through calculated risks to pursue new opportunities for growth.

Provide Networking Opportunities

Introduce individuals to valuable professional networks, both within and outside your organization, to expand their connections and opportunities.

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

Actively promote diversity and inclusion initiatives by advocating for equal representation and opportunities for all.

Celebrate Achievements

Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of others publicly, giving them their well-deserved recognition.

Offer Constructive Feedback

Help individuals identify areas of improvement and grow their skillsets by providing constructive feedback and support for professional development.

Create Safe Spaces

Foster an environment of psychological safety, where individuals feel comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns without fear of judgment or reprisal.


Emphasize the value of collaboration over competition. It will increase the spirit of teamwork and collective success.

Empower Self-Advocacy

Encourage others, particularly women, by highlighting their strengths to advocate for themselves, negotiate for fair compensation, and assert their value within professional settings.

Pay Attention to Intersectionality

Recognize and address the unique challenges faced by individuals at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities, ensuring inclusivity and equity for all.

Be an Ally

Educate yourself on issues of diversity and inclusion, and actively work to be an ally to marginalized individuals. Support their causes by amplifying their voices.

Lead by Example

Model inclusive behavior, ethical leadership, and work-life balance, inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.

Pay it Forward

Chances are that somebody helped you along the way, so pay it forward. Engage in volunteer activities and initiatives that support the professional development of others, especially those from underrepresented communities.

Promote Inclusive Hiring Practices

Advocate for inclusive hiring practices within your organization. Encouraging diverse talent recruitment and practices eliminating biases.

Challenge Biases

Take a stand against biases and stereotypes, creating awareness and advocating for equal opportunities for all.

Thriving in the Face of Ladder-Kickers

10 tips for sidestepping ladder-kickers and create your own success story.

The Power

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