Proposals for the Feminine Economy

Proposals for the Feminine Economy

“Proposals for the Feminine Economy” navigates the intersection of feminism and capitalism, proposing a roadmap for feminist business practices. The book introduces seven proposals, starting with “Business as Art,” advocating for innovation to transcend capitalist dysfunction. “100 Ways to Make More Money” redefines wealth and value, challenging existing norms.

The book critiques the emphasis on masculine traits in capitalism and presents a vision for a feminine economic paradigm. The “12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business” offers a practical framework for integrating feminine economy ideals into business practices.

About the Author

Jennifer Armbrust is a visionary entrepreneur, artist, and author known for her work at the intersection of feminism and business. With a focus on the feminine economy, she challenges traditional capitalist norms and offers innovative proposals for more inclusive and values-driven business practices.

Armbrust is the author of “Proposals for the Feminine Economy,” where she explores the transformative potential of embodying feminist values in business, experimenting with new economies, and reimagining power dynamics. Her insights inspire individuals and businesses to navigate a more equitable and sustainable path.

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