Book Scaling People by Claire Hughes Johnson
Scaling People

A book full of practical tools to effectively manage teams and establish foundational structures.… Read More

A Sizzling Summer Get-Together

Under the evening sun at Sphères in Zurich West, a relaxed get-together brought together over 40 individuals, eager to form meaningful connections and celebrate diversity… Read More

cover of podcast series Darknet Diaries

Deviant Ollam is a physical penetration specialist who has been involved in lock-picking, safe manipulation, physical entry, physical bypass, etc. – all in the name of physical (tech) safety… Read More

Mock-up book cover "Life 3.0" by author Max Tegmark
Life 3.0

Life 3.0″ by Max Tegmark is a groundbreaking exploration of artificial intelligence’s transformative potential, delving into its profound implications for humanity: the existential questions surrounding superintelligence and the future of life itself… Read More

Featured image of blogpost "Being Safe Online as LGBTQ+"
Being Safe Online as LGBTQ+

Get our tips to be safe online, even if you are straight. Do not know what difference in dangers there is if you are LGBTQ+ or straight? Even more reason to read it… Read More

Featured image; dark patterns; cybersecurity, privacy topic; UX design
Tricked by Dark Patterns?

Amazingly – or rather scarily – even some respectable and legitimate companies apply Dark Patterns to get you to do things or share information you do not want to. Are you being tricked? Find out…… Read More

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HSLU is looking for a "Python for Data Scientists" Lecturer

HSLU is looking for a "Big Data Tools" Lecturer

Crack the Confidence Gap | 28 June 2017

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