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Future Ready

Future Ready

To excel in the digital age, you need a clear strategy, and “Future Ready” offers just that. Many companies dive into digital transformation without a clear plan, leading to wasted resources and complexity.

This concise book, authored by MIT researchers Stephanie Woerner, Peter Weill, and Ina Sebastian, draws on extensive research with over a thousand companies, such as BBVA, CEMEX, DBS, and Fidelity. It introduces a practical “four pathways” framework that identifies key competitive dimensions and how to manage organizational disruptions.

With instructive examples, assessments, and visuals, “Future Ready” provides a roadmap for profound business transformation in the digital economy.

About the Author

Ina M. Sebastian‘s research centers on the transformation of large enterprises to thrive in the digital economy. Her current research focuses on two key areas: digital partnering and the creation and capture of value in digital business models. In prior research projects at MIT CISR, Ina delved into ecosystem business models, digital strategies, organizational restructuring, and digital workplace and talent dynamics.

Peter Weill‘s research revolves around the role, value, and governance of digitization within enterprises and their ecosystems. He assumed the role of director of the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) in 2000, later becoming its chairman in 2008. His current responsibilities encompass active research, the global expansion of MIT CISR’s research and partnerships, and collaboration with senior executive teams and boards. He has co-authored ten books and produced award-winning articles and case studies for esteemed publishers and media outlets. In 2008, Peter was recognized as #24 among “The Top 100 Most Influential People in IT,” marking the highest ranking for an academic.

Stephanie L. Woerner‘s research centers on how technology and data drive efficient business models and manage digital economy-induced organizational changes. She excels in quantifying elusive digital elements like connectivity and customer experience, connecting them to company success. Her ongoing research delves into enterprise re-platforming, the progression of digital ecosystems, and trends in enterprise digital investments.

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