Cover of book "Go Big Now" by Julia Pimsleur

Go Big Now

Go Big Now

8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals

What’s the most formidable obstacle standing between you and your aspirations for greatness? According to the wisdom gathered from hundreds of high achievers whom Julia Pimsleur has interviewed and guided as a seasoned business coach, it all boils down to cultivating and sustaining the right mindset.

In this transformative book, Pimsleur distills over two decades of comprehensive study and observation of intricate mindset practices into eight indispensable “mindset keys.” These keys are universally applicable, enabling anyone to unlock the coveted “Go Big Mindset” and reach their loftiest professional and personal ambitions.

Pimsleur generously shares personal anecdotes, recounting how she harnessed these very keys to secure venture capital and construct multimillion-dollar enterprises. Each key is vividly exemplified with real-life stories. You’ll gain the wisdom to reframe what you perceive as setbacks, trade unproductive thoughts and constraining beliefs for empowering ones, and maintain unwavering motivation in the pursuit of your audacious objectives, even when confronted with monumental challenges. .

About the Author

Julia Pimsleur is a renowned scaling coach, a leading authority on mindset transformation, an inspiring speaker, and a best-selling author. She is the visionary founder of Million Dollar Women, a dynamic New York City-based social initiative dedicated to empowering countless women entrepreneurs in their journey to scale up their businesses.

Before embarking on her mission with Million Dollar Women, Julia founded and masterfully built Little Pim, a groundbreaking company specializing in language learning for young children, into a multimillion-dollar success story.

Julia is also the accomplished author of the best-selling book “Million Dollar Women,” which earned her the prestigious Axiom Business Book Award. In her books, she delves into the transformative power of cultivating the ‘go big’ mindset, providing readers with invaluable insights and tools to conquer challenges and achieve their goals.

Julia resides in the vibrant city of New York with her loving family and is an avid scuba diver. Her guiding philosophy can be summed up in her mantra, “Fortune Favors the Brave”.

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