Role Model Eva Selamlar
Role Model:
Eva Selamlar

Eva Selamlar-Leuthold is committed to innovation and has headed the Head Financial Innovation Desk at the Swiss Confederation since September. When it comes to promoting women, she started at a young age… Read More

mock-up of book "Ways of Being" by James Bridle
Ways of Being

Ways of Being considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing on earth and what we can learn from these other forms of intelligence and personhood, and how can we can live more equitably with one another … Read More

Pop art design with woman pointing finger at audience
Impostor Syndrome: Employee Empowerment Strategies

Impostor Syndrome is not an issue that employees should bear the burden of solving on their own. Cultivating a culture that actively prevents Impostor Syndrome is a fundamental part of an employer’s duty to care for their employees’ well-being and ensure their long-term success… Read More

Featured image of Big Technology Podcast for podcast tip
Betting on the Future of AI

Sarah Guo, founder of VC firm Conviction, joins Big Technology to talk about generative AI, where the opportunity for new investment lies, and whether the fears surrounding AI are grounded in reality… Read More

featured image for blog post article "The Power of Self-Care"
The Power of Self-Care

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s time to prioritize yourself with our 40 Essential Self-Care Tips You Need to Try… Read More

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HSLU is looking for a "Python for Data Scientists" Lecturer

HSLU is looking for a "Big Data Tools" Lecturer

Crack the Confidence Gap | 28 June 2017

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