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WST Collaborates to Bring Women Back to Work

WST Collaborates to Bring Women Back to Work

WE SHAPE TECH is thrilled to announce its collaboration as a media partner with Salesforce’s program “Bring Women Back to Work“. The program aims to up- and re-skill women after maternity leave and effectively augments their chances to get a part-time job in tech.

The Importance of Bringing Women Back to Work

Women give birth and women typically are the principal caretaker of children, often resulting in a loss of (fulltime) job and them having a hard time to get an adequate part-time position, never mind ever having a career again. The subject of the importance of bringing women back to work through childcare solutions and part-time positions is a well discussed one. But looking at the importance of the subject and where companies are in providing opportunities for mothers, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

A study conducted in the UK by Professor Harkness, University of Bristol, highlights how gendered employment patterns are following childbirth:

  • men typically remain in full-time work and women leaving full-time work
  • loss in work experience, particularly full-time work experience, is an important part of the explanation for the gender pay gap
  • women still suffer economically as a result of taking on childcare responsibilities
  • women risk becoming stuck in their job roles with limited career progression
% of women never find back to work after maternity
% of women in tech

Source: BWBW

But the biggest problem by far is to find a meaningful part-time position in a company that empowers working mothers to still climb that career ladder. And this is where the #BWBW program kicks in.

The Program

In March 2020 and under the motto “We hire for attitude and train for skills”, Salesforce has implemented a comprehensive program focusing on re-introducing women with an extended career-break, to the professional world in Switzerland.

Underrepresented and overlooked – that is a general truth for women and escpecially ones returning after maternity leave. With “Bring Women Back to Work”, Salesforce has effectively created a program that augments women’s chances for a part-time job after a longer leave of absence from the workplace by helping them to re- or upskill and providing opportunities for employment through their partner network.

The one year program takes place on a quarterly basis for a max of 18 women per quarter, which means they offer 72 training opportunities for women on a yearly basis.

The Journey Back to Work

Course participants go through a comprehensive program including mentoring, coaching, personal development workshops, admin certifications, technology workshops and a safe space for sharing and exchanging experiences. Be it consultant, sales, technical or marketing – the role opportunities offered by this 12-month-program are quite diverse.

While the program cannot give a guarantee of employment, the participant’s chances are drastically increased.

The Partners

Providing up-/reskill opportunities is the first step. The second and equally important step Salesforce has taken was to create a partners network built of companies that commit to hiring women exiting the program or supporting the program financially.

By February 2022, the program counts 17 hiring partners, 6 sponsors, 8 content partners and 3 media partners, one of which is WE SHAPE TECH.

How to Qualify

To apply for a space in the program, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

The program is always happy to receive applications from motivated women. So, check out and see if it fits.

A Journey of Success


of the participants have found a job within the Salesforce Ecosystem


part-time jobs


has been certified on Admin and 10% has more than one certification


Contributors: 17 hiring partners, 6 sponsors, 8 content partners and 3 media partners


people volunteering and supporting the Program


Views on social media to posts relating to BWBW activities

Learn More

To learn all there is about this program, please check out BWBW’s website or get in touch with the BWBW team at

Follow BWBW on Instagram for more stories.

If you want access to the pool of talents as a company, please contact or apply over the website.

Don’t miss out on the Role Model Interview with Vanessa Gentile, the mind behind the program!


International Women’s Day and 2nd Anniversary of our Bring Women Back to Work program

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