Portrait photo of smiling Bettina Rotzetter of role model
Role Model:
Bettina Rotzetter

Bettina Rotzetter has been working in IT for twenty years mostly in the health sector, currently as an IT Compliance expert and has recently started a new adventure as founder of a tech-startup… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling of role model Angie Born
Role Model:
Angie Born

Angie studied Interaction Design at the Hyperwerk FHNW, got a MBA in Australia and really gets a kick out of making things easier. Meet a true UX expert… Read More

Portrait photo of smiling Caitlin Krause of role model
Role Model:
Caitlin Krause

Caitlin Krause is a globally-recognized learning expert, author, and keynote speaker. As founder of the MindWise consultancy, co-founder of the Center of Wise Leadership, and a virtual reality specialist, Caitlin contributes to building products and experiences that promote humanity, innovation and emotional intelligence. … Read More

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HSLU is looking for a "Python for Data Scientists" Lecturer

HSLU is looking for a "Big Data Tools" Lecturer

Crack the Confidence Gap | 28 June 2017

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