One for all – all for one


Sadly, our board member Marike Carsten who supported us for more than 1.5 years is leaving by the end of this year. Marike, your open mind was always a delight and your ability to tackle and get things done was and is pretty amazing – thank you for the time you spent with us and thank you for your good-bye blogpost with the wonderful title «one for all – all for one».

Thanks to Marike Carsten

Two years ago I thought a lot about coincidence and luck. I think this was triggered especially by Angela Merkel’s famous sentence “Wir schaffen das.” I thought about how much I have learned during my work life in about two decades. That I have been so often on the sunny side of life and had so often the chance to just choose. And that it would be actually nice to give something back.

In spring 2016 I heard for the first time about We Shape Tech and I loved the idea. I was happy to get one of the tickets for the inauguration event. And one of the most beautiful things of the evening was the mood and the vibes. So, I became member of the board, and a great and intense time started: The whole board was – and is – highly motivated, full of new ideas, with a lot of big dreams and a lot of awareness of the details that make things especially nice. It was fun, and I loved it. I loved our event ideas, our business ideas, always willing and open to do the next step.

We all were driven by the idea of diversity and how we can support it. How can we empower women? But how can we also take care that we don’t start complaining, but give women and enterprises tools to actually change things?

We did a lot of work … and without our “one for all, all for one” approach we would have never arrived where We Shape Tech is now. You want examples? Here we go: Do we really just simply want to get in contact with Iris Bohnet, author of the book “What works”? To ask her something about her ideas and use it for our confidence gap event? Well, and she even answered! By now we even made a great event together with her at the ETH! Can we simply ask women who are known feminists internationally for video statements? Yes! And we get 4 of them for our confidence gap event! Can we do interviews live on stage! Yes, and 4 extraordinary role models joined us on stage during our role model event. We need money. How can we find sponsors? Just use your contacts and ask. And it even worked!

So, we accomplished a lot and every minute spent was great because the We Shape Tech team is great and full of positive thoughts. And because the network gave so much back.

And here we go with the “but”. I loved it, but now it is time to hand over to the next board members. Not because I do not support the idea anymore but simply because I had to re-think where I focus my energy in the next months.

I’m glad that I was lucky to help my great colleagues to build the foundation of We Shape Tech. And now I will be happy to see how you ladies shape We Shape Tech in the future.

Many thanks to Angela, Janine, Petra and Tanya for our great time together. And all the best to the new members of the team. I’m looking forward to seeing how We Shape Tech will flourish.





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