Book cover of "The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay" by Alana Karen

The Adventures of Women in Tech

The Adventures of Women in Tech

How We Got Here and Why We Stay

This book is inspired by women working in the tech industry whom author Alana Karen knows personally. She collected their stories – stories of more than 80 women with diverse backgrounds, educations and ambitions – and wrote “The Adventures of Women in Tech.”

Karen knows from her own experience at Google, among others, how to enter, lead and succeed in today’s leading technology companies. Throughout, she explores the following questions:

  • Can women have meaningful careers in the tech industry?
  • Are diversity efforts failing in Silicon Valley?
  • Should women avoid working at tech companies?

In twelve chapters filled with intimate stories, insights, and advice from women working in tech companies and startups, Alana Karen shows that we all belong in the tech industry.

About the Author

Alana Karen is an American award-winning author and speaker. Having been a tech executive herself in large corporations like Google, she consistently highlights the issue of why it takes “ALL” – including women working in and influencing tech companies. Alana knows how to develop, scale, build and nurture teams and product development, and understands how to create value across diverse teams. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her three children, husband and two dogs.

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