Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

…and before you can realize, it’s almost Christmas time again. Have you planned your holidays already? Do you already know which gifts you will give to whom? And frankly speaking, didn’t you promise yourself that that next year, you want to enjoy the pre-Christmas time more deeply? Anyhow. Here is your chance to detach from the Christmas hazzle, lean back and meet other inspiring ladies such as yourself!

Your friends from WE SHAPE TECH set up a cool X-mas event at a hip place in Zurich. Bring your full self to this evening and feel free to bring your friends (just ensure they’ll register as well!). Celebration is only fun in the company of others – the more the merrier! We want to organize a cozy dinner that allows great ladies like you to connect to each other in a casual atmosphere, therefore, we limited the number of participants to 30. We have a first come, first serve policy and the tickets are selling out fast. Most likely, we will close the application on December 1st, and it would be sad if you’d miss the fun.

What makes successful women successful? A great network is always key. Be the inspiration and the encouragement for others and get inspiration and encouragement from others. We all are sitting in the same boat, let’s help each other on our journey – strong women help strong women! Or simply put: let’s just have a fun evening! We will ensure that you change seats various times, hence, you will have various chances to meet other great women.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon,



14th December 2016, 18:30


Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar, Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005 Zürich


get your ticket on Eventbrite and bring your friends along!


Brisket Southern BBQ & Bar lies in the midst of the trendy neighbourhood of Escher Wyss Platz, just around the corner of Les Halles. Come dressed up to this upbeat style event.


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