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Machiavelli for Women

Machiavelli for Women

Defend Your Worth, Grow Your Ambition, and Win the Workplace

Women have been steadily gaining ground in the fight for equality for decades, increasingly entering male-dominated areas of the workforce and consistently surpassing their male peers in grades, university attendance, and degrees. And they’ve recently stormed the political arena with a vengeance.

But despite all of this, the payoff is quite literally not there: the gender pay gap is still at about 20% since 2000. And the number of female CEOs for Fortune 500 companies has actually been declining. So why, in the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, is the glass ceiling still holding so strong? How can we shatter it for once and for all?

Stacy Vanek Smith’s advice is to ask Machiavelli! Using “The Prince” as a guide and with charm and wit, she applies Renaissance politics to the 21st century. Smith demonstrates how women can take and maintain power in careers where they have long been cast as second-best. It is the ultimate battle guide for our times, brimming with hard-boiled strategies, laced with wit.

“Machiavelli for Women offers insight and real tools to combat these obstacles in areas including money, promotions, negotiating, harassment and getting interrupted. A true must-read for every woman ready to wield power unapologeticall.

About the Author

Stacey Vanek Smith is a longtime public radio reporter and host. She currently hosts NPR’s The Indicator from Planet Money, a daily podcast covering business and economics. She has also served as a correspondent and host for NPR’s Planet Money and Marketplace. Smith is a graduate of Princeton University, where she earned a BA in comparative literature and creative writing. She also holds a MS in journalism from Columbia University.

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