Offline: Free Your Mind from Smartphone and Social Media Stress

Offline: Free Your Mind from Smartphone and Social Media Stress

The provocative book “Offline” sparked an international debate in 2019/20 when it was published: the reason for the debate was that they uncovered “mind hacks” that Facebook, Apple, Google and Instagram use to make each of us and our children dependent on their products.

This book takes the reader on a research-based journey into the world of tech giants, smartphones, social engineering, and unconscious manipulation. Thanks to the book, you can learn how to recognize “mind hacks” and avoid the potentially devastating side effects of digital pollution.

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About the Authors

Dr. Imran Rashid is not only an author but also a children’s book writer and an experienced IT entrepreneur and family doctor. Today, he heads innovation in Denmark’s largest private hospital chain. He has founded many companies since 1994, including Medialog, a marketing agency, which he later sold. Rashid’s strength is to combine his interdisciplinary background as a physician, entrepreneur and IT specialist to get new perspectives.

Søren Kenner serves as Advisor at Seier Capital. He is the founder of several companies, among others Zecco Trading and Kenner & Co A/S, which he owns. He has great experience in advertising, marketing and branding, e-marketing, computing, quantum computing, music software and e-trading.

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