How AI Helps Shatter Barriers to Equality

How AI Helps Shatter Barriers to Equality

Jamila Gordon, CEO & Founder of Lumachain, believes in the power of human connection – and artificial intelligence – to help people who might otherwise be left behind. Telling the compelling story of her own path from refugee to global tech executive, she shows how AI is indeed helping refugees, migrants and those from disadvantaged backgrounds find jobs and develop the skills they need to work effectively and safely.

About the Author

Jamila Gordon was born in a tiny village in Somalia, with the ever-present threats of drought and hunger. The civil war brought her to Australia, where she learned English and got to fall in love with technology. After working her way up to global executive with IBM and group chief information officer of Qantas Airways and CIMIC, Jamila decided to launch Lumachain, a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect broken links in global food supply chains and helps keep workers safe.

Jamila has been awarded Microsoft’s 2018 International Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge (IWEC). She was the first Australian to receive this honour. She sits on the board of Questacon, Australia’s national science and technology center.

TED Conferences and Ted Talks are probably so well known in the tech industry, that no explanation is needed. The Talks are influential videos from experts on education, business, science, technology and creativity, with subtitles available in over 100 languages. But did you know, that the well-known Ted Talks are no longer only available on YouTube, but as podcasts?

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