Géraldine Lüdi presenting «Chatbots: AI-based communication in the digital age»

Take aways: «Chatbots: AI-based communication in the digital age»

Take aways: «Chatbots: AI-based communication in the digital age»

Chatbots, by now, are not a novelty. But what is it really and what is boosting its rise? Read the take aways!


Chatbot is a software that simulates human conversations through a conversational channel


Relevance in business context is increased through the usage of Natural language processing (a field of AI focusing on natural language) that enhances capabilities


There is a considerable difference between “chatbots” and “virtual assistants”


Big tech players provide different cloud-based language services based on similar bot frameworks


IBM Watson assistant frameworks build on intent classification, named “entity recognition” and “dialogue flow logic”


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