Mock-up of two copies of the book 2Where good ideas come from: a natural history of innovation" by Steven Johnson

Where Good Ideas Come From

Where Good Ideas Come From

Are you a history geek? Have you always wanted to know where inventions like the battery or the pencil come from? More importantly, what kind of people, what kind of environment was behind it or was it necessary for it to happen in the first place? In this book you will learn compactly how groundbreaking technologies that drive our lives, our society and our culture came into being.

You can immerse yourself in these 3 key lessons:


Great innovations emerge from environments that are partly contaminated by error.


Platforms are like springboards for innovations.


Evolution and innovation usually happen in the realm of the adjacent possible.

From Darwin and Freud to the halls of Google and Apple, New York Times bestselling author Steven Johnson examines modern-day hubs of innovation and reveals the approaches and commonalities that emerge in moments of originality.

About the Author

Steven Berlin Johnson, who was born in America in 1968, became known worldwide as a blogger and non-fiction author. Originally, Johnson studied semiotics at Brown University, including with Umberto Eco, and English literature at Columbia University.

He has published several books tracing the social and sociological developments and meanings of technological development. He is the bestselling author of a couple of books like “Future Perfect”, “The Invention of Air” or “Everything Bad is Good for You”.

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