#WeTechTogether Conference and Workshop on Visualizing Data with Splunk

#WeTechTogether Conference and Workshop on Visualizing Data with Splunk

At the Beginning of October WE SHAPE TECH was part of the #WeTechTogether Conference! We experienced a day full of inspiring keynotes, panels, knowledge sessions, networking and workshops, all tremendously composed and put together by Priska Burkard, techface. We especially enjoyed the keynote by Yvonne Bettkober, Country Manager AWS Switzerland, who totally made our day! For those who missed her performance; We can’t wait to hear more about her in our Role model event on November 12. Further we also were very pleased about our workshops with #PostSchweiz on Visualizing Data with Splunk – two hands on sessions which taught us how to create an insightful accessible dashboard out of machine data by identifying patterns, providing metrics and diagnosing problems – the great team of #PostSchweiz did a wonderful job of explaining step by step in a straightforward way!


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