Recap Lunch & Learn on Blockchain with Fabian Portmann

By Geraldine Lüdi

Our first digital edition of our new Lunch & Learn series kicked off: Twenty-five female and male participants joined our webinar to learn more about Farmer Connect, a Geneva-based startup that uses emerging technologies (such as blockchain) to accelerate the digitalization of the coffee supply chain. Our L&L host, Geraldine Lüdi, gave a short introduction about WST and our mission, and Fabian Portmann dived into the highly interesting and wide ecosystem of coffee. In summary, these are the key learnings we like to share with you:

  1. Farmer Connect is a collaborative, industry-led initiative with the aim to create a global ecosystem around small-holder commodities.
  2. Building an ecosystem takes time; one needs to be patient & persistent with an open, inclusive and empowering approach.
  3. Even as a tech startup, don’t become technology fixated – clients care about business value add. And when creating that value add, keep your values in mind!
  4. Developing solutions with an end-to-end approach in mind allows Farmer Connect to do exactly that – creating value for all actors along the supply chain.
  5. To ensure we get the details right, we create solutions for the participants, combining technologies such as Self-Sovereign Identity, Blockchain and Cloud to create great user experiences.

The L&L participants rewarded Fabian’s inspiring knowledge sharing session with an engaging Q&A session. A special big thank you to Fabian Portmann for being our guest speaker and sharing the insights on the mission of Farmer Connect. It was great to reflect on the value of the ecosystem and hear about the technologies being used in the product design of Farmer Connect. 

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