Recap: The lifecycle of innovation

Today we had the great pleasure to host our community event “The Lifecycle of Innovation” in the premises of the startup Avrios. We hope you found it as insightful as we did! A big shout out to our wonderful community members who organised such a smooth event: Isabel Brenner and Aline Somm. And of course a big thank you to our speakers: Nico Previtali, co-founder of, Robin Guldener, co-founder of Avrios, Sophia Lammer from, and Linda Armbruster, co-founder of Sparkwork.

Some takeaways we’ve collected for those of you who couldn’t make it:

  • Hiring the right people is key to grow a business – but still, it remains a TOUGH task: even the best recruiters make at least 20% mistakes
  • Failing is not a problem – just make sure you learn fast and don’t repeat it
  • Get advisors: learning from someone who’s been there can help you to avoid the predictable issues that will happen when starting a business
  • Listen to your customers – they are the ones that will use your product in the end.
  • In a corporate environment, having an open culture to innovation is key to succeed in the digital transformation
  • And… if you work in a corporation, take advantage of your HR team during the hiring process 🙂

PS: Is there a topic you’re passionate about and we haven’t covered yet? Would you like to host a future event? Let us know by getting in contact with us!

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