Gabriela Patil

Every month we ask one individual in our network a few questions about
their way into tech, their motivation and their lessons learned.

Tell us where you’re from!
I grew up in Switzerland in a region called Napf in canton Lucerne. After
having lived for a couple of years in Toronto, Canada together with my
husband we moved back 11 year ago to Switzerland. After that I completed
a Master in Design Communication at Bern University of Applied Science
and worked for a software company. At the end of  2015, me and two of my
friends  decided to start our own company.

What valuable advice did you get from your parents?
your instinct and be a good listener”. I was told to trust myself to
find answers but also to take the responsibility which comes with my

How did you become interested in tech?
my master thesis, I developed a digital platform concept for teaching
History to school children. Along the way during this thesis, I got
interested in the power of technology and the positive impact it can
have on society and business.

What aspects of your work are you proudest of?
enjoy working in a team set-up to achieve a common goal. I’m proud of
instances where I have contributed to my team in finding solution to a
challenging problem and energized team members to overcome hurdles.

What drives you at work?
A few aspects come to my mind:

  1. Coming up with new ideas and testing them.
  2. Doing things better: Whether it’s optimizing processes or improving customer experience.
  3. Learning and trying out new things and sharing it with my colleagues

What has been your toughest challenge you faced while working in tech?
have experienced the power of interdisciplinary teams and at the same
time the challenges which come with it, especially regarding
communication: Many times it is hard to understand each other because
the vocabularies used for the same things are different in each
discipline. We lack a common vocabulary.

What advice would you give other women in tech?
My learnings so far are:

  • Don’t aim for perfection; rather test with an 80% version with customers.
  • Focus is key: Pick 1 to 2 actions to work on vs. multiple topics.

The interview was held by Petra Ehmann.

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