HEALTHINAR Presents the Code Girls and We Love Code

HEALTHINAR Presents the Code Girls and We Love Code

Photo by Anne-Kathrin Hutschenreuther

Sunjoy Mathieu from HEALTHINAR – digital healthcare specialists with extensive experience in hospitals, health insurance, communication & marketing – and me met over twitter, in fact we met for the second time in our lives. Thirteen years ago we already got to know each other, offline and through mutual friends. The event by HEALTHINAR with the code girls and their booklet <>, which I read and loved, brought us back in contact.

<> is a fresh read and provides for an unconventional approach on topics like coding for beginners, the history of coding and that women have been rocking the field of technology for a long time… Sunjoy and me met for a short interview.

How did you get in contact with <> by Julia Hoffmann and Natalie Sontopski for the first time?

On a rainy day in my favourite bookstore, I finally found a book about coding that didn’t remind me of a math publication. It was the book I was looking for so long, giving great insights about coding itself, its history, showing that women have rocked technology all along already☺.

Why is it important for HEALTHINAR to promote <> and the code girls? What is your motivation to stand up for more diversity in the field of tech and innovation?

Julia Hoffmann and Natalie Sontopski wrote the book <> to debunk the common perception that digital tech is a man’s world, and to explain coding in simple terms. They founded the code girls to provide a nurturing learning environment for women/girls to pick up coding.

As digital healthcare specialists, we believe that by supporting initiatives that encourage more women/girls in tech and innovation, more digital solutions that better address women healthcare concerns will be developed – an area in digital healthcare that continues to badly lag behind.

What do HEALTHINAR and the code girls have in common?

Both HEALTHINAR and the code girls are doing our bit to increase engagement in the field of tech and innovation, as digital transformation continues to take place worldwide.

HEALTHINAR consults with businesses in the healthcare sector to increase their digital competence, and organizes workshops, events and webinars to facilitate sharing within the digital healthcare sector – for example.

How is the (gender) diversity situation on women in tech in healthcare?

Women continue to be underrepresented in tech in healthcare. As an illustration, Seed fund Rock Health did a quick analysis of the 45 healthcare companies that made it on the Fortune 500 list in 2015, and found only 11% had a woman CTO or CIO.

The event with the code girls will take place on the 9th of September. What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to meeting the amazing women in tech who are rocking it in a male-dominated industry, and the people behind the initiatives that continue to make this happen (the code girls)!

Thank you very much Sunjoy, and I wish you a successful and fun event!


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